spring is slowly making its way to the harbor- this past week I noticed less and less ice floes




P1050508 P1050538

P1050541 P1050520

enjoying the harbor on a late Winter day


P1050439 P1050440

P1050443 P1050459

P1050467-001 P1050468

P1050475 P1050482

what keeps me going…

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One of my favorite places to take my Gracie pup along the Maine Coast

P1040764 P1040771 P1020413P1040793

P1010871 P1020416

Tree Huggin’ in the Maine Woods

P1040384 P1040365 P1040423 P1040412 P1040407 P1040405 P1040403 P1040399 P1040396 P1040391 P1040390 P1040389 P1040388 P1040385