I think I got think I got this from a Facebook page either Vets  Adopt or Knowledge is Power. I t really struck me…as someone that has PTSD..for so many years I have asked myself what is wrong with me. THis is an honest and great reminder…that it’s about what’s happened to me.


Stretching My Heart

Many years…many tears…many sleepless nights..but i’ve rediscovered the love that I was born with…for a long time i didn’t know my heart was good..that I was good enough…nothing to prove…no one to persuade…I now know I am good enough…I am good…I am enough…so many people I see and hear say they are not enough…it breaks my heart how we lose our self…our love…many kind, amazing people that have come into my life have shown me this…some have stayed…some have just been a brief encounter..the words I find when I open a book can break my heart open… no need to meet the author…her words are enough…sometimes I feel my heart stretching…what I thought was love was not even close…I am learning love has no limit…a rescue pup from Arkansas shows me every day that my heart grows and every day when  I wake to her happy face my heart stretches a little more…I have learned that love is an action…even sometimes a silent action.

 I actually wrote this blog back in May and saved it as a draft. Now coming back to it…it brings tears to my eyes…lately I have been struggling with getting back to this love…opening my self to the love and care that others have for me. IT has always been a challenge to find a way to open and trust love…today I am struggling with allowing love, receiving love..I talked to a friend in Cali the other day and she said everyone deserves to be loved and when she said it I could feel it and wish it for everyone I know but myself….it causes a great deal of sadness…I have to remind myself there are days I can open to love..I have opened to love…today it is just hard.