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Who is the FDA protecting?

The FDA claims no difference exists between GMO grain and organic grain. Yet, they offer no studies to prove it. Even with their lack of research, it is well known that most GMO crops are drenched in herbicides, while other GMO crops are genetically engineered to make their own pesticides. Never before have people eaten foods that have had herbicides sprayed directly on them or foods genetically modified by man to make their own pesticides. That is certainly one obvious difference between GMO and organic that the FDA ignores.

Does the FDA really think that ingesting considerably more herbicide residue and pesticides than ever before in human history is good for us? Does their lack of supervision over this poisoning of America have anything to do with the fact that chemical company executives are now employed in high positions within the FDA?

Does the lack of oversight by Congress or any of the past five Presidents have anything to do with massive campaign contributions by the chemical companies given to candidates from both parties? Does the lack of research into the effects of these poisons by Universities have anything to do with generous grants and scholarships from these same chemical companies? Does the lack of media attention have anything to do with all the chemical company advertising?

Certified organic crops are never sprayed with herbicides and do not contain pesticides. They are certified as grown from non-GMO seeds. Organic fields are free of any chemicals for at least three years.

Until the FDA or State Laws require labels to identify foods that have been grown with GMO seed, wise consumers should insist on the certified organic logo for foods they purchase. Sometimes, certified organic foods costs a little more, but compared to potential health care costs brought about by eating herbicides and pesticides, organic is definitely a bargain.

Pines International has a 36 year history of never using herbicides and pesticides. We helped write the first organic standards and were the first green superfood in Whole Foods and other natural food stores to carry the certified organic logo.

We have always used oxygen-free amber glass bottles and have spoken out against the use of plastics to package delicate and easily-oxidized green superfoods. We have pointed out how plastic containers and paper/foil packets do not protect nutrients. We have also shown how toxins from plastic containers easily mix with food. We are currently making people aware of recent studies that show that non-BPA plastic containers contain estrogen-like chemicals just as does BPA plastic.

Chemical toxins in plastics may interfere with endocrine systems, especially for babies and children. Further, plastic can be deadly to wildlife even after recycled into lawn furniture and construction materials. All plastics in the weather slowly erode and release microscopic particles that enter the food chain, eaten by tiny arthropods, as the particles flow through streams, rivers and eventually to the oceans.

Pines is not a large family agribusiness but rather a group of more than 100 sincere small investors (average $200 each) who still support our 1976 goals. Those goals include providing convenient and economical, naturally-concentrated, dark-green, leafy raw foods, which are lacking in nearly all modern diets. We do that by growing the best possible cereal grass. Headquartered at the location of the original research, we know that wheatgrass has to be grown during the freezing temperatures of winter, as nature intended, to obtain the often-quoted research results.

Our goals have also always included using our profits to reduce pollution and contamination of our planet by converting land to organic farming and supporting organic and environmental causes. And of course, in addition to providing dark green raw foods that are GMO free, herbicide free, pesticide free and plastic free, we have always used tightly-sealed, non-toxic, amber glass bottles with oxygen removed for maximum possible freshness.

UCSC Arboretum

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

brainstorming….what makes me come alive

my rescue pup Gracie, my parents pup Molly, nature, connecting with friends, family, strangers, creating-photos, words, building…, sharing, helping, music, books, ideas, learning, growing, truth, laughing and more laughing, working for a purpose-rescue animals, stopping violence agains women, children…..equality and respect for all… in life, life in art, compassion, forgiveness, the ocean, the mountains, studying Buddhism, gardens, travel and so much more…..i’m listening more to my heart and to it’s truth….what makes my heart expand, what makes me come alive…saying yes to life, saying yes to love….

I love this picture

A bee in Harpswell, Maine. ┬áIf you look closely you can see the pollen it’s carrying. This picture was taken by a friend’s future mother-in-law. She took the picture with her phone…amazing!

my garden blooms

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~The Buddha

my first peony blooms of the season

Laudholm Farm Wells Reserve, Maine