my garden blooms






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brainstorming….what makes me come alive

my rescue pup Gracie, my parents pup Molly, nature, connecting with friends, family, strangers, creating-photos, words, building…, sharing, helping, music, books, ideas, learning, growing, truth, laughing and more laughing, working for a purpose-rescue animals, stopping violence agains women, children…..equality and respect for all… in life, life in art, compassion, forgiveness, the ocean, the mountains, studying Buddhism, gardens, travel and so much more…..i’m listening more to my heart and to it’s truth….what makes my heart expand, what makes me come alive…saying yes to life, saying yes to love….

I love this picture

A bee in Harpswell, Maine.  If you look closely you can see the pollen it’s carrying. This picture was taken by a friend’s future mother-in-law. She took the picture with her phone…amazing!

my garden blooms

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~The Buddha

my first peony blooms of the season

Love is the recognition of beauty -Buddhist Boot Camp

A flower doesn’t stop being beautiful just because somebody walks by without noticing it, nor does it cease to be fragrant if its scent is taken for granted. The flower continues to be its glorious self: elegant, graceful, magnificent and astonishing.Our Mother Nature has provided us with immeasurably valuable teachers that blossom despite their short lifespan, stars that continue to shine even if we fail to stare at them, and trees that don’t take it personally if we never bow down in gratitude for the oxygen they provide.We have an incredible and unlimited capacity to love, forgive, celebrate, and joyfully live our lives, but the question is: can we do it like a flower? Without needing to be admired, adored, or even noticed? Can we open our hearts completely, without hesitation or need for reciprocity?

Sometimes we go beyond taking things personally and are noticeably deflated when unappreciated. In-fact, devastated, we wilt in sorrow and then attempt to guard ourselves by withholding, with all sorts of protections and defenses. We get hurt (even angry), if our boss fails to recognize an astonishing feat, if a lover pulls their hand away, or when a friend forgets our birthday. Can you imagine a flower copping an attitude for not being praised, or the moon dimming its glow because we’re too self-absorbed to notice it more often?

Make an effort to shine, no matter what.
Love, unconditionally.
And be a kind and gentle soul (even when nobody is watching).

And, if you’re so inclined, hug the next tree you see, and say “thank you”.

Land of Medicine Buddha- Soquel, CA

The Chatter in My Mind

Finally the sun has shown itself

after days of dreary mist, heavy rains

shovel after shovel, absently digging

so much noise…so much chatter

I stop…bring awareness to my breath

I see the chatter is all in my head

voices from yesterday and days and years ago,

spinning their stories

so i stop…breathe deeply

the sounds I hear…birds, dogs, bugs, wind in trees

the voices stop their chatter.


I wrote this one day while I was working in a client’s garden. It was one of the first sunny days after days of rain here in southern Maine. I remember as I was digging that it felt so loud and noisy in my head, so I deliberately stopped and realized with amusement and awe that the noise was the noise of my mind chatter.  It was so striking that all I could do was laugh.- Grace’s Gardens 2012