What does it mean to live  an authentic life, to be genuine, to know one’s heart…

Do we guard our hearts or do we share them with the world?

Life is full of dips in the road. Sometimes other people are the dips and sometimes we are and sometimes it’s actually just the road itself. This is life.  The human experience is full of pain and sorrow, joy and laughter.  Our lives do not proceed and are not processed in a linear fashion.  There is no finish line, no contest.  It is about discovering our own genuine heart  and sharing it with others. No one experiences the world as we do…we are each uniquely gifted.  If we could let go of the past…heal our wounds, our regrets, our resentments…who would we be?  If we could just slow down and let ourselves be in this breath, in this moment, who would we be?  Would we be so different from our neighbor?
“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~The Buddha

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  1. I have nominated your phenomenal blog for:

    ‘The Very Inspirational Blogger Award’

    You can visit the following link to accept it!


    • Thank you very much! I was happily surprised by your nomination. I’m still relatively new to blogging, but I will accept it after I’ve looked into some other blogs i’d like to recommend. Thanks again for the nomination and for your blog.

      • Being new doesn’t count you out, when your blog’s content counted you in!Your welcome.Take your time in accepting the award, i also received it when i was also new to blogosphere, and didn’t accepted it till i considered anyone worthy to receive it!:)

  2. Such a beautiful line: “No one experiences the world as we do…we are each uniquely gifted.” – Let’s shout it from the rooftops today…everyone should be reminded of this. Such beauty here – thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for your + energy here 🙂 and for those 2 blessing drops of it you left on my blog 😉

  4. You have such a neat and interesting blog. I’ve been a reader for years, and I’ve been happy to repost many of your posts! You were or are following a blog called opt4 whose goal was to prevent domestic violence and promote nonviolence. My name is Chad Herman, Visionary/Motivational speaker and I was writing that blog for over 3 years. Everything you saw on that blog was my creation…and I hope you liked it. Unfortunately, because of federal budget cuts, I no longer am able to keep up that blog. I hope that others will in my absence, but I don’t know. With that said: I have my own blog, motivatingforpositivechange.wordpress.com dedicated to the idea that “if we all did something to help a cause we truly believe in, we could change the world.” I still write about gender equality and nonviolence, in addition to multiple otrher causes and ways to continue creating positive change.Please check out motivatingforpositivecghange.wordpress,com. I promise you won’t be dissapointed!


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