One Rescue At A Time


Who Rescued Who?- I often feel it is my Gracie pup that rescued me from the darkest part of my self.  I adopted her four years ago and my life has grown and evolved in unexpected  and wondrous ways.  Even my worst days aren’t so bad anymore because of her presence in my life.  I wake to her wagging tail, happy dances, and sloppy kisses.  She survived a high kill shelter down in Arkansas, where as a stray she was giving 5 days to be claimed, adopted or rescued or she would have been euthanized.  I shudder to think about what might have happened if the volunteer for the rescue didn’t pull her.  I don’t dwell on this, but it is a passing thought that adds more meaning to her presence in my life.  She has reconnects me to the joyful parts of my self. She makes me laugh and…

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One of my favorite places to take my Gracie pup along the Maine Coast

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Tree Huggin’ in the Maine Woods

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Wells Harbor- the extreme of seasons





Cathedral of trees

We are measuring the snow in feet this winter not inches.  I have been able to go out in the woods a lot to do some snowshoeing. I bring my pup Gracie and we explore and enjoy the Maine woods.  There is something incredibly peaceful about being in the woods after or during a snowfall. Enjoy

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Sunset on the Maine coast


A long hiatus


I find myself coming back to this page that I created a couple of years ago.  We are in the midst of a brutal and beautiful winter here in Maine.  It has forced me into staying indoors more than usual.  Even though I get out and snowshoe and ski as much as I can we have had many frigid days where it wasn’t safe to venture out for very long.  My need to create whether with my writing, photography or painting has beckoned me back to this page, to use a platform for my voice, for my spirit. I am excited to get back to creating posts on this page on a regular basis.  Since I first created it I have since gone back to school to earn my Graduate Degree and I have recently taken over a dog walking/pet sitting service.  So many changes and lots of creativity stirring. I look forward to sharing the journey. Thanks. Jen