One Rescue At A Time

For a while, I’ve been preaching the importance of networking shelter dogs. The more we share, the greater the chances of a shelter dog being saved.

In theory, you probably think, that makes sense. But maybe you need to see real proof to really believe it. Nico is all the proof you need.

The incredibly sad photo above is Nico, a 6 year old deaf Dogo Argentino who was in a Los Angeles animal shelter in the summer of 2009. The photo paints such a heartbreaking picture of a dog’s life on the inside. Nico was broken. Defeated. Done. He had given up and lost all hope, as so many shelter animals do.

It’s a hard photo to look at, isn’t it? But this photograph changed Nico’s life.

When the photograph hit the internet, it broke the heart of everyone…

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