A Day of Remembrance

Robert Peraza kneels by his son’s name on the memorial wall.

I don’t like to intrude upon someone else’s grief…just so you know that’s not what this post is about.(this photo was on Upworthy.com’s Facebook page.)  THis man that died was this man (in the photo’s) son…maybe he was someone’s father, husband, uncle, nephew. I don’t know….what I do know is that on that tragic day 11 years ago many innocent lives were brutally taken. TOday I learned that the flight attendants on the flights of those ill fated planes had their throats slit as the hijackers took over the plane…I still don’t understand the acts of violence of that day or the ones leading up to and after that day.  so many more lives from many different countries have been lost in many different wars …sometimes I feel that I am very naive because I don’t understand or condone this violence.  Today I offer my sympathy to the families and friends of the victim’s of that day…and I offer it to the people in the different lands that have paid the price for the horrific acts of a few.-Jen
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