Help for Dre the unjustly accused PitBull

For those of you want to know more about saving Dre the pitbull and how you can hlep. Here are some links;




A pitbull named DRE, has come to my attention recently. I must say I feel for this family, I would die if my Tiberious were to be taken away against our will. We as animal lovers, bully breed owners. Need to speak out against the BSL. We must save every Innocent Bully breed out there, that has caused no harm to anyone or anything.

Watch the Video, Does he really Seem Vicious to you?
Dre, Mari, Beanie

If you watched the Video and answered No, He doesn’t look or seem Vicious then you would be Correct he isn’t Vicious at all. Bully Breeds are not Vicious, in the right hands. 

You put the Bully breeds in the wrong hands, Such as those who abuse, or train them for pit fighting and you got yourself a Vicious dog. It is bad owners that make the breed Vicious.

And I will stick behind that statement! Punish the bad Owners not the BREEDS.

If you would like to help out more please Sign

If you would like to learn more Please Go to this site and show support.

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