Mug Shots that Make a Difference for some special dogs in Tulsa, OK

Larry, a Tulsa, OK, shelter dog, is looking for his forever home.

In Tulsa, OK, dogs in area shelters are mugging for the camera. Thanks to Sherry Stinson, professional photographer, more dogs are finding homes by just being who they are – dogs with personalities all their own.

Beautiful Haley is looking for a new family to love.

“God gave me a talent to take pictures, and dogs and cats are near and dear to my heart so I want to help get them out of the shelters,” Sherry said. Sherry has photographed more than 30,000 animals who need homes and she has really made a difference.

Sherry’s photos have sparked adoptions with the Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue. Christina Guerra, found of the rescue group, says, “When you have a cute dog in a cute pose showing its personality, it’s 100 times more adoptable. We would be half as successful as we are if it weren’t for her.”

Sherry visits shelters all over the Tulsa area, donating her time, talent, and photos to save the lives of animals who need her the most.  “I know it’s a job well done when I’m no longer needed,” said Sherry.


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