A Friend.

Posted by  on Aug 14, 2012

To the dogs never given a fair chance….

I’ve never really been good at saying goodbye, it has always been extremely hard for me. Even for the loving pets that I have lost through the years, it was hard for me to let them go, but I was brought joy by all the beautiful memories that they left me… and that helped me through it… I’m not sure what your name is, where your from, or your story, but I imagine you to be a humble and beautiful spirit. I can see you running wild and free, using that little wet nose to sniff out everything! I imagine a wiggly tail showing how excited you are about life, I imagine you placing your furry head on someone’s lap in their time of need, or kissing their tears away. You are a true essence of a friend, and the true purity of love. I’m saddened that you weren’t given the chance to share this with someone. I’m sorry that others may have overlooked it, but I promise that even though I’ve never met you, I’ll always remember you. Your life meant something. So to the dog that was never given a fair chance, this is my loving goodbye.


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Jasmine Hester

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