Women’s rights are human rights.



August 18 2012 March on D.C. For More Info See:http://www.wearewoman.us/ To Coordinate With Others See Our State Forums: http://bit.ly/stateforums

Organizing women across the United States to march on Washington, D.C. on August 18th, 2012

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring national attention to the ongoing war on women’s rights being fought by conservative representatives in federal and state legislatures throughout the country. We believe that women have the right to control their own bodies, make their own decisions about healthcare, receive equal pay for equal work, and be treated with respect by the men and women who represent them in their own state houses and in Washington. Women are not a special interest group seeking special privileges; we comprise 50% of the population, and we are citizens deserving of the same freedoms and protections awarded to our male counterparts. We Are Woman supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and the restoration of all the rights that have been limited or destroyed by governors and other legislators across the nation. It is our goal to bring thousands of men and women together at the Capitol on August 18th, 2012, to tell our politicians, “No more!” We are strong, powerful, loving and brave. We are America. We Are Woman.


We are a group of people from different backgrounds and different locations in the country who are joined together in a common cause. We no longer want to sit quietly as decisions are made that affect our lives and bodies without our say or consent. We want to be seen and heard. We will be taking this time to research and reach out as effectively as possible; doing all that we can to ensure out march is well organized and successful. If you would like to sign up to help us in this effort please send an email to: Volunteer@wearewoman.us and we will contact you shortly.

General Information
Do you need to coordinate rooms or rides to the August 18th We Are Woman march on Washington? We just set up state forums as a tool for you to use. Click Here > http://bit.ly/stateforums

We are marching for Rights affecting:
Our bodies
Our health

Our families
Our livelihood
Our future
Women’s rights are human rights.

Our Goals and Inspirations
Erin Nanasi of Mad Mike’s America helped to craft the following:

Since November of 2010, over 1,100 pieces of legislation have been introduced that have nothing to do with jobs or the economy or solving any real problems in America. These 1,100 pieces of legislation are all about one thing: ending women’s rights as we know them.

Birth control, health care, the right to choose, attaching stigmas to single mothers, reducing or eliminating WIC, SNAP and Medicaid: All of these have been the focus of the new Congress and State Legislatures. From Missisippi to Michigan, governors have been treating women more like livestock to be regulated than human beings to be respected.

We Are Woman is inspired by those 1,100 pieces of legislation. We are inspired by plans for the National Women’s History Museum. We are inspired by the hundreds of emails we receive every day, joining with others all over the country to stand shoulder to shoulder and shout, “NO MORE”. We are inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft, Abigail Adams, Phyllis Wheatley, Margaret Fuller, Sojourner Truth, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Blackwell, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Sarah Winnemucca, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Ida B. Wells, Jane Addams, Mary McLeod Bethune, Carrie Chapman Catt, Margaret Sanger, Inez Milholland, Alice Paul, Frances Perkins, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Chase Smith, Rosa Parks, Betty Friedan, Coretta Scott King, Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisolm, Barbara Jordan, Sandra Day O’Conner, Wilma Mankiller, Geraldine Ferraro, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. We are moved by the stories of women who fought, often beaten, sometimes killed, for equal rights, voting rights, and the right to protect our own health. We are called to action, complacent no longer.

The goal of We Are Woman is to draw national and worldwide attention to the facts. In just the past two years, we have seen 1,100 pieces of anti-woman legislation, have heard women being called “sluts” and “prostitutes,” have seen birth control attacked, Roe v Wade threatened, and the rise of personhood laws that criminalize miscarriages and demonize women. The facts are clear: This is a war on women, and we will fight back. We Are Woman is firm in our resolve and committed to a non violent protest and march on Washington, DC. In order to be heard, we need not be violent and we must not be destructive; we will be more effective if we are the polar opposite of the new Congress and State Legislatures.

Message from Erin Nanasi
Posted Monday 2-20-12

Last week, I made a video for Mad Mike’s America called “We are Warriors.” I named it that in reference to Liz Trotta’s incredibly ignorant and hateful comments on Fox about women being raped in the military, and her accusing feminists of wanting to be warriors and victims at the same time. I read from a script I wrote, because when I’m really angry, it’s hard to just shoot from the hip, so to speak.

When I was writing the script, an idea popped into my head. Why not march on Washington DC? Why not show these misogynists and Dominionists and haters of women exactly what warriors we really are? The Suffragette Movement changed America, the Equal Rights Movement changed America, why can’t this generation change America? Why not? So, in the video, I call people, all people, not just women, to march on Washington. I posted the video, Mad Mike approved it, and I went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I realized what I had done. I had pretty much just begun organizing a march on Washington DC. So, I named it, combining the We Are Legion idea with the Helen Reddy anthem “I Am Woman.” I emailed my husband as soon as I had a date; he responded gleefully with “ROAD TRIP!” Today, I created The We Are Woman March on Washington DC, April 28th, 2012 Facebook page. My dear friend and fellow writer/activist/snark master, Lee Golden (he is Golden in so many ways) immediately volunteered as an admin, we posted a few photos, details and writings, and have at last count, 8 likes. I expect that number to rise (hint, hint).

See Erin’s video “We Are Warriors”

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