Rediscover the pit bull.

Our mission is to help people rediscover pit bulls as lifelong friends.

Company Overview
This is the official Facebook fan page for The StubbyDog Project.StubbyDog is working to bring an end to prejudice and discrimination against pit bulls.

Just a few decades ago, pit bulls were celebrated as “America’s Family Pet.” They were the most beloved of dogs. But their blessing – true loyalty and dedication – has become their curse. That natural loyalty toward humans has led pit bulls to

be easily exploited by gangs, dog-fighting rings and their associated gambling industries.Many local governments, instead of cracking down on criminal, abusive and irresponsible owners, reacted by simply banning any dogs with a pit bull appearance. Family pets were soon being literally dragged away from their homes to be killed. More pit bulls – over a million every year – are being killed at “shelters” every Year.

Humane societies and rescue groups are doing valiant work to shut down dog fighting rings, rescue dogs and bring an end to breed discrimination laws. However, myths and fallacies abound, and they continue to fuel fears about these dogs.

The StubbyDog Project is a media and communications organization with 501c3 status, whose purpose is to disseminate content that will help change public perceptions of pit bulls.

Our goal is a world where people view pit bulls like any other dog, with their own characteristics, to be seen and respected just like a Labrador, shepherd, etc., all of whom require responsible guardianship.

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