Who is an agent of change?

A boy?

A girl?

A man?

A woman?

Who has the ability to change themselves, change their household, change their neighborhood, change their community…or even…change the world?

A young lawyer, from a long line of lawyers, once changed himself and thereby changed the future of India forever. This young lawyers name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

young clerk for the patent office who hated working, going to school, and being a responsible adult decided to often get lost in his thoughts. As he walked along the park, deep in thought, he came upon an idea that changed our view of the world forever. This young man’s name was Albert Einstein.

A young woman ran up and down her father’s field pointing at the “flying machines”. She decided that her role in the world was more than an accessory to a husband, instead she reinvented what…

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