THank you for posting this…I had read about this young girl and the injustice she is enduring. I wanted to write something but have been so angry…the court’s decision is outrageous, disgusting, inhumane and many other things. when will boys and men be held accountable for rape. when will they be taught it is never ok.


Meet Savanah Dietrich.

She was invited to go to a party.

She had a great time, drank way too much, fell asleep.

She dreamt of the great time she had and the stories she would tell of the great time she had.

She went to sleep a 17 year ld young lady with a future as wide as the big open sky ahead of her.

She woke up a sexual assault victim. šŸ˜¦

She woke up to two boys (I will not call them young menā€¦for only boys would act like this.) having finsdhed sexually assaulting her.

She woke up to pictures and videos of the assault being shared among people she knew. (They obviously show her asleep.)

She did the right thing (according to our justice system, and something very few sexual assault victims do) She reported the assault and the boys were picked up.

The case was triedā€¦

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