wrong end of the stick

Pit Bulls Get The Wrong End Of The Stick

By Amber Keiper


I find it fascinating how incredibly powerful the written word can be. It has been known to start wars – and end them; to inspire hope – or spread despair.

Yes, words can help or hurt us (and others) making what we say and what we write very tricky business. As the saying goes, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

In recent years, quite a lot of words have been negatively written in the media about the pit bull breed. They say the breed is vicious, unpredictable and a threat to the public. There have been tragic cases of pit bulls attacking children, other animals, even their own owners. Some of these incidents have even resulted in the death of the victim and/or the dog.

I am not saying these stories are not true – unfortunately, they are. What I am saying is, “Where are the positive stories about pit bulls? Are there even any?”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the bad publicity that pit bulls have received seems to be very one-sided. Being the investigative reporter that I am, I decided to do some digging to uncover the whole truth…to find out if there is a good side to this “dangerous” dog breed.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“Brave Pit bull Saves Woman From Train”
May 2, 2012 – Shirley, Massachusetts:

Three years ago, Boston police officer, David Lanteigne decided to get his mother, Christine Spain (who suffers from alcoholism) a canine companion – Lilly, a beautiful pit bull rescue. On Wednesday, May 2nd Christine fell onto the tracks of an oncoming train. Her loyal dog, Lilly frantically tried to pull Christine off the tracks, saving her life. While Christine was uninjured, Lilly, suffered major trauma and eventually had to have her front right leg amputated but she survived. Officer David was so grateful and was quoted as saying, “We saved her life, and she saved my mom’s life.”

“Pit Bull Saves Owner From Home Invasion”
March 31, 2012 – Graniteville, Staten Island, New York:

Imagine you’re at home when suddenly you hear the doorbell ring. You look out the window and see a man in a FedEx delivery uniform. He says he has a package for you. Right when you’re about to open the door, the man forces his way inside your home brandishing a gun.

This is exactly what happened to Justin Becker and his twelve year old pit bull, Kilo. Luckily, Kilo leapt into action and took a bullet to the head, saving his owner from the intruder. Both dog and owner lived through the ordeal. When asked what he thought of his dog, Justin exclaimed, “He’s a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job.”

“Pit Bull Saves Woman From Beating and Kidnapping”

April 8, 2009 – Holland, Michigan:

33-year-old Steven Schumacher was arrested and charged with felony first-degree home invasion and misdemeanor domestic violence – all with the help of Blitz the pit bull. “I didn’t think he had it in him, but I guess he did,” said Blitz’s owner of the incident.

Steven broke into his estranged wife’s house and assaulted her then dragged her out of the house onto the street. All the commotion alerted a neighbor and her 2-year-old pit bull, Blitz. The dog broke free of his owner and headed right towards the attacker, frightening him into letting go of his wife who ran for safety. Thought the dog never actually attacked him, Steven gave himself up and was promptly arrested without further incident.

So there you have it. These three stories of pit bulls saving the day have shown that they are not the dangerous villains that many make them out to be. These dogs can be loyal, brave, loving, and protective companions

So then – why the bad rap?

If I could offer my opinion: I think it has a lot to do with the way these dogs are being raised. Backyard breeding for the purpose of producing fighting dogs, lack of obedience training, improper socialization training, as well as the general public’s stereotypes and misinformation about the pit bull breed can all be attributed to the bad reputation and mistreatment of these great working dogs.

What do you think about this controversial subject? Are pit bulls dangerous? Do they deserve the bad reputation that they have?

I invite you to continue the conversation on our blog: www.barfworld.com/blog.

Amber Keiper is the Marketing Assistant and Raw Diet Educator for BARF World Inc.. She and her husband have two former rescue animals that are now healthy and proud “BARF brats” – a terrier mix named Chewbacca (“Chewy”) and a tabby mix named Chiquita (“Chiqui”). For more articles like these and to learn more about the benefits of raw food for your pets, sign up for The Intelligent Pet monthly e-zine at www.barfworld.com. 

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