not in vain- RIP Lennox


We stayed up literally all night last night to await Lennox’s ultimate fate. We cried, we screamed we even punched a wall when the news of his murder was confirmed. We and the world feel like we have lost one of our own beloved pets and we will be mourning for a very long time. This act of evil will never be forgotten and those that fought so very hard for Lennox willalways have a special place in the hearts of millions.

There are no true words of comfort that we can give to anyone, including ourselves at the present. But we need to lift our heads back up, there is still a great fight to fight. We need to save those animals out there that still have time and we need to end BSL throughout the entire world. We MUST educate & advocate. We MUST adopt, foster, spay/neuter.

BCC has not won. We will not let Lennox die in vain, we march on & we come together. It’s time to make the changes, walk the walk and talk the talk. Please join us and God Bless ALL of you that fought for this sweet, innocent dog. Now let’s save some lives!

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