Why I Weep….

I weep for the frightened child who has never known kind hands

I weep for the women too scared to leave a violent man

I weep for those who sleep in the cold

I weep for the hearts that are closed and guarded

for those whose anger defines their days

I weep for those who find solace in the bottom of a bottle

or hand full of pills

I weep for those who have no voice

for those that don’t know freedom

I weep for the man who never heard “I love you” from his father

I weep for the young Haitian women who lost her home in the earthquake

and at 19 feels that her life is over…she was gang-raped

my tears cannot save her

I weep for the unloved animal left by the road

I weep for the suffering we all create

I weep for the land and trees that are trodden down

I weep for our ancestors, for the suffering they passed down

I weep for the love I have found in my own heart

I weep because I thought love had left me

I weep for the next sunrise

I weep because I am human

I can weep

I can laugh

I can let go

I am human

Jen D Grace’s Gardens Publications

I wrote this back in April and posted it on this blog….was thinking about this bit of writing this morning and decided to post it again. I am feeling a lot of sadness these days for the injustices we humans can inflict, but I am also finding joy and inspiration from the words and actions of those that stand up to these injustices.

I took this photo in Taos, NM

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