sometimes a heavy heart but still finding the beauty of my own heart


I’ve been feeling a lot of anger at the injustices I see in this world; disregard of women & girls’ fundamental rights over their bodies, the out of control greed by corporations, politicians that seem to only care about the status quo, the abuse and neglect of children, indigenous people, animals, this earth,…I can make a very long list of the the things that enrage me and sadden me about this world. I am becoming more outspoken about these injustices, but I can also feel overwhelmed.

So today I am focusing on those people and organizations that are defending the innocent, standing up for human rights & animals rights. I would like to give a big shout out to and express my deepest gratitude and love for all the courageous people that stand up and speak out. To those that listen to the truth of their heart…lately I feel as though I am finding the beauty of my heart.

So there are many people and organizations to thank

Hendrick Boards, A Loving,, LuckyPupRescue, RockTheSlutVote,,,,, The AgendaProject on Facebook, Eleventh HOur Rescue-on Facebook-rescuing animals on death row,, Naomi Wolf,,,,,MindBodyAwarenessProject,, and I know there are more…. this is the beginning of my list.


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  1. Oh thank you for sharing these inspiring people and groups, much love x


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