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Probably the most basic definition is that a puppy mill is any large-scale breeder who uses irresponsible breeding practices with the goal of making the most money possible in the shortest period of time. Smaller-scale breeders who are irresponsible are usually referred to as backyard breeders, although the problems are the same regardless of the size of the operation.

Irresponsible breeders are not concerned with the health of the puppies they sell. They don’t usually keep good records of which puppies came from which parents, and they don’t selectively breed out undesirable traits. The puppies are often weaned too early, creating nutritional and immune system deficits.

Conditions at a puppy mill are usually far less than ideal. Overcrowded cages are not cleaned regularly, and veterinary care is scarce to non-existent.

Females in puppy mills are bred every time they come into heat, and when they cannot serve as incubators, they are killed to make way for dogs that can. As a dog is repetitively bred, she produces smaller and smaller litters until she is taken “out of service” due to the reduction in her productivity and profitability.

If the last paragraph sounds to you like something that would be said of a machine, congratulations. You have taken the first step in helping to eliminate puppy mills. | Puppy Mills: Why and How to Avoid Them
The Truth about Puppy Mills- Avoid them, here’s why
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  1. zachandclem

     /  June 28, 2013

    We adopted a ‘puppy mill’ machine, a 4 year old samoyed girl. She had been really neglected and she’s still very scared of men. But we had her neutered, and she’s now a very happy dog! This really is an important thing for people to know, THINK about where you buy your puppy, and DON’T buy your puppy from a place that looks like an ‘industrial puppy production plant’.


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