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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2012

A Letter To Myself

Dear Karen,

Last week was one of the toughest weeks of your life.  So much change is happening right now, new doors are opening, old cherished doors are closing and your heart just wants to soar for everyone to see.  Make sure to take this time for you.  Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the feeling of pain, hurt, doubt, self-love, strength, happiness and growth.  Savor the impermanence of life.
Know that the road ahead is an unknown.  There will be many bumps, bruises and turns.  Some days you will feel as if you are climbing up Mt. Everest and other days you will feel like a bird flying in the sky.  Just remember, that this is life and this is you truly living life.  This is you going after your dream, your dream of self-actualization, self-love and independence.
Make sure to cry.  Cry tears of happiness and cry tears of sadness.
Make sure to laugh.
Make sure to love.
This path is now yours.  You are the only person that gets to decide which way to go.  You are the only one that can make your dreams come true.  You are the only one that can make yourself happy.  No other people, places or material things can do this… only you.
Your true strength and spirit are from within and right now they are ready to burst.
I am proud of you,
from    Strong, Sexy & Stylish
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  1. Love this! Glad to know I am not the only one that writes letters to myself:)

  2. I love the “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” quote! Very true. 🙂


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