non-profit to raise awareness of euthanasia of shelter animals

EVERYONE PLEASE READ AND LIKE my new nonprofit called A Loving Goodbye.

Nonprofit, initiative aim to raise awareness of the issue of animal euthanasia by giving shelter animals, who are euthanized, love, a story, a legacy and a voice.

A Loving Goodbye (, an Orange County-based organization, launches website and social media initiative to see that no animal goes unloved or forgotten while raising awareness of the need to stop animal euthanasia.

Every day, hundreds of rescue organizations around the nation strive to save shelter animals and find loving homes for every one of them. Despite the efforts of animal advocates, half of the animals that enter shelters never make it out, amounting to 10,000 animals that are put to sleep each day.

A Loving Goodbye gives animals, who are about to be euthanized, the comfort and tribute they deserve. With a kiss and a warm touch, these animals will spend their final moments loved and not alone. Each animal has a story and the organization encourages people to read them, share their tribute, and become their voice to spread the realization that every 8 seconds in the U.S. one animal is euthanized.

“These animals die scared and alone and what we do is give them a sense of relief from abandonment and fear,” said David Hendrickson, Founder of A Loving Goodbye. “No animal should go without someone there to love them until the end. In doing so, we give every animal a voice and a new life to make an impact on other shelter animals across the nation.”

The brainchild of A Loving Goodbye, David Hendrickson is the founder and CEO of Hendrick Boards, an eco-friendly skateboard and apparel company that gives back to local animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries across the nation with every purchase. David grew up loving and caring for animals at a young age and frequently volunteers at local animal shelters in Southern California. David started Hendrick Boards and A Loving Goodbye inspired by his rescue Chihuahua-mix, William, who was poisoned at birth via his mother who had ingested household chemicals.

Anyone can join the effort and give A Loving Goodbye to an animal at their local shelter by sharing the animal’s picture and tribute on A Loving Goodbye’s Facebook page and website

For more information about A Loving Goodbye and how you can share, visit

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