There is an old saying that says: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The funny part about this statement is how truly easy education and prevention truly are.  All we have to do…ALL WE HAVE TO DO….is start talking, it’s truly and really just that easy.

If we begin talking to a 4 year old what nonviolence looks like (of course we’d use words she’d be able to understand)  she could kind of tell us. So we begin a conversation that lasts days, weeks, months, years, and then it continues with every adult she knows or comes in contact with….she would be more likely to understand, believe, and be part of the belief that nonviolence is an obvious solution.  What would this be….Prevention.

So where is the education part…..every moment you talk about what is right and wrong, you are educating! We must get out…

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