Saying Yes to Life….What makes you come Alive?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately…trying to listen to the voice of my heart..paying attention to those things and people that open my heart and make me come alive.  Life is short, unpredictable…the length of our individual journeys a big Question mark. So i ask myself what am I waiting for..permission…from whom would that permission come…I realize the voices of my past keep me chained to a small life that diminishes me and talks over my heart’s intent.  Society’s voices can be rather loud telling me who to be, how to dress, what I should buy, what I should believe, etc.

What makes me come alive? As I write this I am listening to Xavier Rudd’s new album Spirit Bird and I am listening to the title track..I love this song..when I listen to it I can’t help but fills me up, opens my does this for me…it has since I was a kid..I found solace in music at  a young age…I lived thru the songs…I found comfort from the pain and fear I lived with. I saw Michael Franti the other night in Porltand, Maine. I have seen him a few times and I love him..his music brings me alive..opens my heart…i have to sing and dance when i hear him.  I am actually still sore today from all my dancing the another night at the show. Brandi Carlile has a new album out and I love this as well.  There are many musicians that I love…Music brings me alive…opens my heart…dancing does the same. When I allow myself these simple pleasures in my life I am fully alive, my heart opens and I am happy.

What  brings me alive?  My rescue pup Gracie. She is my soulmate…She rescued me. She shows me every day that my heart is good and that love knows no bounds Protecting, saving animals brings me alive, awakens my heart. As my blog shows, the protection of animals is something I feel strongly about…something that brings me fully into my heart.  I believe that we need to protect those beings that can’t protect themselves.

I am discovering there are many things that make me come alive…I just need to slow down, settle into my heart and listen to what it tells me…bringing attention to the rhythms of life that are running through me…paying attention to the strongest rhythms that awaken my heart, expand my life….I will continue to share this journey in later blogs..I would love to know what brings you alive…what expands your heart?

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  1. This is what it’s all about…finding those little things and incorporating them into your days. (And an aside: how crazy you mention Brandi Carlisle…maybe I’ve been living under a rock and she’s a big thing now, but I just 2 nights ago caught her on Austin City Limits and was super-impressed with the whole band…couldn’t turn the TV off because they were always in the midst of some heart-felt music or another. What a treat!)

    • Yeah..she has really gained a lot of publicity lately. Her band is awesome…check out their new album Bear Creek…great stuff. I will be seeing her live in NH in August, can’t wait.


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