Ban the Import of puppies from Korea for Retail in the USA

Ban the Import of puppies from Korea for Retail in the USA
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    Sharon Wycoff

    Tannersville, PA
Currently the USA is allowing the import of puppies from Korean puppy mills. These puppies are often sick or dying and consumer fraud/scam reports are numerous. Many of these puppies have been reported to die very shortly after their arrival. It is estimated that the United States euthanizes between 6-8 million animals annually and a large majority of these animals are healthy and adoptable. The import of Korean puppies are contributing to the over population of animals in the USA, and American citizens are being defrauded and scammed, expecting healthy puppies only to be faced with costly vet bills.In many cases the consumer has no documented evidence that these puppies have come from a regulated, licensed or inspected breeding facility. Unscrupulous mill owners are shipping puppies that bare no resemblance to the purchase photographs on the internet, in fact the photos are enhanced , and eyes are made larger to make the puppies look more appealing to the consumer.Due to the fact that there is no effective system to track these puppies, their true age, health, or even documented evidence of vaccinations it is surprising that they make it past U.S. borders. The diseases they can transmit are imminently dangerous to other dogs and our native wild life.There is also speculation that mill owners often drug these animals to make them appear” bright eyed and bushy tailed” to get them across U.S. borders, and when the drugs wear off the truth comes out, Parvo Virus, Lepratosis, Giardia, Canine Distemper and many other reported health issues become evident.

Given all of the above, it is important to take into consideration the psychological and physical stress these puppies face when shipped thousands of miles ,there is no doubt that such a trip adds to the cruelties they have already endured.

Our goal is to enact legislation banning the import of puppies from Korea to the American retail market. By banning these import puppies we can give more attention, to the ongoing puppy mill crisis in our own country, give hope to the millions who die needlessly in our own shelters, show humanity to the many mill dogs in Korea. Stopping the demand at our doorstep would greatly reduce the supply and ease the burden of the mill dogs.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED ARE URGING OUR GOVERNMENT, FOR THE WELFARE OF OUR ANIMALS to support the enactment of legislation banning the import of puppies for RETAIL IN THE USA from Korea so that we may disassociate ourselves from the greed of the retail puppy market. Promote adoption of those in our own shelters, denounce inhumane treatment of animals, and put and end to the fraudulence associated with the sale of these puppies.

Thank You,

Sharon Wycoff and Tracy Green

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