Michael Franti & Spearhead rocked Portland, Me last nite…and rocked it hard!


Last nite rocked…I’ve been fortunate to see Michael & his band a few times and it is always an amazing, fun, uplifting, inspiring, bootie shakin’ good time. It is fun, fun, fun and a positive message as well. it’s great to hear a male musician singing & dancing about love, equality, gratitude, compassion..I highly recommend seeing him if he is playing anywhere near you. “Every single one of us is significant” he said last nite…I needed to hear those words…lately i have been overwhelmed by the struggles life often brings my way… i am also realizing more and more my struggles are the words I tell myself….not good enough, don’t matter…life is hard enough at times without creating more suffering for myself but I seem to be able to create a lot of it. “Every child needs wings.” he said. Parents, society doesn’t need to tell their children who they are or what they should be…but give them “wings” to find out who they are and take that into the world….whatever unique gifts we each carry within us… bring it to the world..the world needs our care, our compassion, our love…

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