This is outrageous…who will investigate the Memphis animal shelter. There is no excuse for this…what a beautiful dog….makes me angry and so sad…who can we talk to about this shelter…who is the proper authority to contact?


During the months of January through April of this year, 75 animals died in their cages at MAS.  This week, another pet was added to these atrocious statistics.  She was a young and happy black Lab who appeared healthy on Saturday when local advocates visited her at the pound.  They asked if the volunteer stalking escorting them would take her outside.  Once out in the fresh air, the young dog was happy to play ball with the strangers.  The play was supervised by both the volunteer and the interim director.  The 3 bags of treats bought for the dogs were not allowed to be given out.  One of the advocates asked if the treats in the MAS lobby could be fed to the dogs instead but that request was also denied.  The dog’s photo was taken so that she could be networked and within days, a rescue was lined up…

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