..no excuses…

Dear Brave Souls: There’s no excuse, you know, right? There’s really no ‘when I get/ have/learn/find/can/know/–then I will create, then I will give the time, then I will start, finish, continue.

It’s all BS (bubble and squeak=cooked cabbage fried with cooked potatoes and many times, meat– it’s the sound of it all cooking, but the sounds are not the substance of what is being cooked…The substance is the meat, the vegetables. Does this sound familiar? The work is the work.)

See here Frida Kahlo, destined in life from a terrible accident to be in a torso cast and great pain for life. Understand my biscochitos/as, that we create out of where we are… nothing ought keep us from it.

Some go chasing puffy rainbows and fluffy words they saw or heard elsewhere. But the most rough and deep of art comes from something no one but you has ever seen/known, walked with.

This above is just an except from my book on what I call Original Voice. It’s a Field Guide, which I’ll be teaching from in October of this year at our Training on Original Voice. If we want Original Voice, there’s no borrowing, no purloining, no ‘stealing’ from others. There is just you. Radiant one of a kind, blessed, scarred up, scared, sacred, funny, fully embodied, fully ensouled… you.

I’ll be teaching you how that sense of selfhood informs us with out of this world inspirations, and ways to listen and see how utterly unique you are, how utterly unique your touch to your creative life and work and your calling.

It is of this world to bring it. But it comes from another world, and you are the sherpa.

With love,

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