who will investigate this? it is a crime! Another animal suffers because of the negligence, indifference and ignorance of humans. Thank you Yes Biscuit for sharing and continuing to bring attention to these injustices.


Correction:  I mistakenly referred to May 4, the day Nola was killed by MAS, as the date of impound in the original version of this post.  Her date of impound was May 3.  I have corrected the post.

Now we know why MAS refused to provide Nola’s records to owner Victoria Henry weeks ago when she first asked, requiring her to file a FOIA request in order to force the city to share Nola’s information.  MAS records reveal that Nola was killed the day after impound by MAS on May 4.  Ms. Henry received a phone call from MAS interim director James Rogers and went to the pound to view the records herself.

James Rogers says the pound “would love to be a no kill facility” but there are too many animals coming through the doors to stop killing.  Let’s be clear:  Nola had an owner who dressed her up…

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