The comic book industry has always been pretty inaccurate on the equality of the genders.

First we have 2 characters that are the same age:

Spider man and spider girl

Superman and super girl

Batman and batgirl

(Notice all the women depicted as girls?)

Then we have the rapes..yes rape. There have been numerous accounts of female characters being raped…why?  Not only do males also get raped in the real world, but comic book makers can decide what needs to be in a book and what doesn’t. Why does Rape have to be there?

Then there is the costumes….

All the males, fully clothed. The 1 woman…as much skin as allowed.  Most of the men in fact are so fully clothes that there is almost no skin except the face.

Every marksman in the world will tell you this is not the best way to use a firearm. If your…

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