Just One Day- Adopt an animal at your local shelter

YesBiscuit shared Nathan Winograd‘s photo.

This Monday, June 11, “euthanasia” technicians all over the USA will put down their syringes. Instead, they will pick up cameras, cell phones and video cameras. Rather than injecting savable animals with fatal doses of sodium pentobarbital, they will take pictures and videos of them. They will post them on the Internet, on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of going out the back of the shelter in body bags, animals will go home into the loving arms of new families.

Over 700 and as many as 800 shelters and other organizations will make Monday, June 11, the safest day for animals in shelters in history. They’ve not only taken a pledge not to kill for Just One Day, but they are promoting adoptions: shelters which are closed on Mondays are staying open, extending hours, cutting fees and increasing marketing. And since the shelters will be emptier than when they started, it will be easier for them to make June 12 No Kill for Just One MORE Day…

Here is some press coverage of the first annual national day of No Kill:

Houston: http://bit.ly/LEuj6o
Las Cruces: http://bit.ly/Kp0KWk
Amarillo: http://bit.ly/Luh2Ry
Maricopa County: http://bit.ly/LEuGh4
Genesee County: http://bit.ly/KLPxD4
Muncie: http://tspne.ws/JOvP4k
Roanoke: http://bit.ly/KmAaNt
Walden: http://bit.ly/NkAKj4
Florence: http://bit.ly/Lq2uCt
Midland: http://bit.ly/LbVoxf
Broward County: http://sunsent.nl/KmxkYO
Pima County: http://bit.ly/Nktp3d
Sudbury, Canada: http://bit.ly/KmK2oO

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

More info, including a list of participating groups, at www.justoneday.ws

Why June 11: http://bit.ly/kinJqY

It is not too late for your shelter to take the pledge: http://bit.ly/KNdbzB


Join me on Animal Wise Radio starting at 10:00 am PT Monday morning for live coverage of Just One Day events: www.animalwiseradio.com.

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