The Chatter in My Mind

Finally the sun has shown itself

after days of dreary mist, heavy rains

shovel after shovel, absently digging

so much noise…so much chatter

I stop…bring awareness to my breath

I see the chatter is all in my head

voices from yesterday and days and years ago,

spinning their stories

so i stop…breathe deeply

the sounds I hear…birds, dogs, bugs, wind in trees

the voices stop their chatter.


I wrote this one day while I was working in a client’s garden. It was one of the first sunny days after days of rain here in southern Maine. I remember as I was digging that it felt so loud and noisy in my head, so I deliberately stopped and realized with amusement and awe that the noise was the noise of my mind chatter.  It was so striking that all I could do was laugh.- Grace’s Gardens 2012

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  1. That is so great! I too have to stop myself to hear the birds and natural “chatter”. With my children, I force myself to do it, so that they too focus on the natural world around them. So happy to have found this. You were reblogged on mentalhealthblog, which I’ve been following and how I found “strangers” first.
    “…bring awareness to my breath” forces the reader to do the same. Wonderfully written. Thank you.


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