Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my first Mother’s Day…granted I am a doggie Mom now, but my rescue pup Gracie is my furry child. I love her more than I thought possible. I honor all mothers today whether or not they have given birth to a two-legged child or not…for those women who stand up for and defend children who have no one to stand for them…for the women in far off corners of the globe teaching women and girls to read…teaching them the basic health and rights of their bodies…for all the women who care for a child that is not their own…for all the women who care for this planet and all it’s creatures…for all the women who have given birth..and most of all Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mom who continues to astound and inspire me in her willingness to grow and learn.-Jen

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Dear Brave Souls: A soul says so heartfully that sometimes others see her as less because she is a mother through adoption. This is my answer to her, to all who care for children.

“People who care about children and their souls, no matter how and when, and unbounded by time and not defined by name or office, nor relationship, not defined by those who demean others, are not “less than” by any definition of the Soul.

“We have to rest in the Soul’s view, no matter what those who are angry, mean, jealous, upset, or other use as name calling.

“Look up, ever. Proceed in knowing and…

in dignity…”

and with love,
who also says re-read about ‘the scapecoat’ in wwrwtw, what kind of woman can wear such a long, heavy coat inscribed with all the deleterious names she’s been called in life. It’s quite ‘a crowning robe’ displaying her endurance, her innate humanity… her boundaries made from having lived and suffered prevaricators and predators, and from having lived and been visited by angels and fed by invisible hands.

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