I am thankful there are people reporting these travesties….the truth about some of the shelters and rescues out there. It also makes me physically ill that people continue to treat animals like this.


Many of the photos posted on PetHarbor by MAS show the animals still on the ACO trucks. Despite the obvious facts that this is hardly the setting or the time to get a quality photo of a pet, there appear to be more serious issues involved.

This puppy, listed as 2 months old by MAS, appears to have been transported on a no-traction floor surface with a length of heavy chain. If this photo is accurate (and I have no reason to believe it isn’t), that would mean the puppy slid around on the floor of this cage for whatever period of time he was on the ACO truck, possibly hours, with a heavy chain battering him.  If that is what happened, I think the best possible scenario is criminal neglect, assuming the ACO responsible placed the puppy and the chain in the stainless steel cage together…

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