wow…so true! we need to raise better men or put differently…we need as a culture, society, to raise boys differently.  I have worked as a preschool teacher and I have seen many boys have their emotional selves repeatedly squashed and denied. They learn at an early age anger is acceptable and little else…so sad. I also consider myself fortunate for the men in my life who are working to reclaim their emotional, compassionate self…Jen


Girls are always being taught who they are and what they should do.

Girls wear dresses.

Girls like pink.

Girls play with dolls.

Girls should want to be whisked up and away by a prince.

Girls should want this fantasy marriage, life, and castle(that isn’t anything close to reality).

Then they teach….

This is how you talk to a boy, so you don’t get him bad.

This is how you speak and this is when you don’t speak.

When wearing a dress you sit this way or that way.

These clothes are girl clothes and are “lady like…

Then they teach…

Here are the “red flags’ you have to know to not get abused in a relationship.

These are the “red flags” you have to know to know who to choose or not to choose in a  relationship.

These are the clothes that you can and can’t wear…so you don’t…

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