Vinny Ferraro- dharma teacher

I love this guy!  His talks make me laugh and cry and give me hope for my own healing. His talks have helped me to really feel and understand forgiveness.- Jen

Freedom is Going Beyond Conditions

The Buddha taught that freedom is going beyond conditions. For me, the people who have been through the harshest conditions—and survived—have the greatest potential to transform the madness of their lives. See, that madness made them who they are. So if they can take that madness, claim it, and stand on top of its incredible energy, they can transform it into power.
-Vinny Ferraro, “The Heartful Dodger”

about vinny ferraro

Vinny Ferraro is a long-time meditation and dharma teacher and a (USA) nationally recognized leader in designing and implementing interventions for at-risk, gang-involved and incarcerated youth. The child of incarcerated parents, Vinny was in the probation system by the age of 10 and went on to spend the majority of his teenage life hustling and living on the streets. After recovering from drug addiction, he began leading youth groups in drug rehabilitation centers, juvenile halls, schools and half-way houses through the Hospitals and Institutions Program of Narcotics Anonymous.” He did this work for about ten years after which he shifted his focus to a more mindfulness based rehabilitation and emotional awareness.

mba and ‘challenge day’

In 2001, he began teaching for the Challenge Day organization, a nationally-recognized transformational change organization that helps adolescents overcome internalized and external oppression, cultivate emotional well-being, and create healthier communities. He eventually becoming Challenge Day’s Director of Training, leading workshops in four different countries to over 100,000 youth. In addition with is work with youth, Vinny has extensive experience training probation officers, teachers, and community leaders who work with at-risk youth how to utilize mindfulness-based practices to deal with their own stress, anxiety, and secondary trauma.

meditation and dharma teacher

Vinny is a graduate of the ‘Spirit Rock Mediation Center’s Community Dharma Leader’s Program’, being trained by -amongst others- Jack Kornfield. As a meditation and dharma teacher Vinny teaches all over the world, leading vipassana retreats for youth and adults
Vinny Ferraro also represents the  ‘Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society’, the Los Angeles based meditation center led by Noah Levine.

links to  talks on forgiveness   Download: talk.mp3 ,

2010-10-08 The Freedom of Forgiveness 61:40
Sitting with the cost of not forgiving and the opportunity to do something different in this moment.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center:  Kind Awareness

Vinny Ferraro

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