Lucky Pup Rescue-where I found my beautiful Gracie pup

Lucky Pup Rescue of New England

Welcome to Lucky Pup Rescue!

Lucky Pup Rescue - Adopt a dog in New EnglandNot every pup is lucky enough to have a forever home. That’s where we come in. Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established for the purpose of re-homing dogs in need. We believe that all dogs deserve a safe and happy forever home regardless of breed or where they are from.

  • We are based in southern Maine, but we do not have a physical shelter
  • Our dogs are brought to safety and cared for in foster families until their forever family is found
  • We’ve helped find permanent homes for more than 900 dogs since 2008
  • We work with local, New England dogs and those from our overcrowdedpartner shelters and rescues in the southern United States
    Find out more about Lucky Pup Rescue

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  1. So true, we love to categorize people and animals like dogs according to their breed and race, and prefer a few of the breeds and races. I had a pet dog same breed as Gracie!Coincidences…


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