How might it be different?

” How might it have been different for you, if, early in your life, the first time you as a tiny child felt your anger coming together inside yourself, someone, a parent, or grandparent, or older sister or brother, had said, “Bravo! Yes, that’s it! You’re feeling it!”

If, the first time you had experienced that sharp awareness of ego, of “me, I’m me, not you”…you had been received and hugged and affirmed, instead of shamed and isolated?

If someone had been able to see that you were taking the first tiny baby steps towards feeling your own feelings, of knowing that you saw life differently from those around you.  If you had been helped to experience your own uniqueness, to feel the excitement of sensing, for the very first time, your own awareness of life.  What if someone had helped you to own all of this…to own your own life?

How might it be different for you?”


how can it be different for me now? I can bring awareness and affirm what I see and feel. I can surround myself with others that can’s not too late…as long as I can take a breath it’s not too late….to know myself…to grow myself…to love myself…to bring my heart to the world. Jen

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