What we call a self…

What we call a self is actually a story about our experience of life. And we construct the story because we’re trying to give some order to what is actually a remarkably chaotic process. And then we get seduced by the seeming consistency of the story that we’ve constructed. And now, instead of just relating directly to our experience, we relate to our experience in terms of the story, and that’s where the difficulties start. One way of looking at Buddhism is as a way of learning how to relate to life without believing the stories that we come up with. And that just opens up extraordinary possibilities.

Ken McLeod, Buddhist teacher and writer


Our stories….my stories have had me living a small life….a fearful life…a shameful life…letting go of the stories I’ve wrapped around past hurts and trauma…weaving stories around intense emotions…making them solid and constricting. I discovered the practice of meditation about 15 years ago…I came to it during a crisis in my life when my world was falling apart and everything I thought I knew imploded…meditation helped me stay somewhat sane…at first I thought it would fix me, make the pain go away..it didn’t, it brought me closer to the pain…it took time but I realized that to heal I needed to feel it all…meditating is a tool that helps me to let go of the story, to see the suffering I put myself through…helps me to open to this life in this moment and the next.-Jen

my garden blooms






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1 Year Anniversary






This time last year I adopted my beautiful pup Gracie.  It has been an amazing year. She has brought so much joy into my life…everyday she helps to heal my soul. I like to say we rescued each other. She is my fur baby, my soulmate, my friend.  -Jen D



sunset in Maine


Grace’s Gardens Publications

winter sunset in Maine

outside capital building Santa Fe, NM

Land of Medicine Buddha


I took this photo at Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel , Ca. IT is a Tibetan Buddhist center..I spent a lot of time there a few years ago when I spent the winter in Ca.

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Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

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Why I Weep….

I weep for the frightened child who has never known kind hands

I weep for the women too scared to leave a violent man

I weep for those who sleep in the cold

I weep for the hearts that are closed and guarded

for those whose anger defines their days

I weep for those who find solace in the bottom of a bottle

or hand full of pills

I weep for those who have no voice

for those that don’t know freedom

I weep for the man who never heard “I love you” from his father

I weep for the young Haitian women who lost her home in the earthquake

and at 19 feels that her life is over…she was gang-raped

my tears cannot save her

I weep for the unloved animal left by the road

I weep for the suffering we all create

I weep for the land and trees that are trodden down

I weep for our ancestors, for the suffering they passed down

I weep for the love I have found in my own heart

I weep because I thought love had left me

I weep for the next sunrise

I weep because I am human

I can weep

I can laugh

I can let go

I am human

-Jen D Grace’s Gardens Publications

I wrote this back in April and posted it on this blog….was thinking about this bit of writing this morning and decided to post it again. I am feeling a lot of sadness these days for the injustices we humans can inflict, but I am also finding joy and inspiration from the words and actions of those that stand up to these injustices.

I took this photo in Taos, NM

Winter wonderland in Maine

Grace’s Gardens Publications


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